Local 1996 Newsletter Vol. 16 No. 2

Building Power–Our Past, Our Future

Sept 2014 Stewards’ Continuing Education and Open Enrollment are the highlights of this edition.

This year, Stewards learned the importance of Building Union Power. Representatives for all industries gather to learn from each other. We heard from President Lomax about the effects that politics have on our daily lives.  Our Secretary-Treasurer discusses the importance of Open Enrollment for Health Insurance. Click here to learn more.



We have a refreshed  look to our website!

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President Steve Lomax, and Secretary-Treasurer Leon Holderfield, are always looking for better and innovative ways to communicate with our members!





We want to be able to communicate easily and effectively with our members and with other workers who are searching for better pay and benefits, dignity, and a way to be heard at their workplace.

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Rick BrownThe United Food and Commercial Workers Union is North America’s largest and strongest private sector union. The UFCW is made up of 1.3 million members–people working together to improve their lives and their future. UFCW members are employed in many different industries, but concentrated in retail food, meatpacking, poultry, and other food processing industries.

Whenever American families sit down to share a meal, chances are most of what they’ll eat has passed through the hands of the more than one million UFCW members who work in these industries. Thousands of other UFCW members work in the health care industry, for insurance companies, in department stores, and in the garment manufacturing, distillery and winery, chemical, and textile trades.

The UFCW is run by its members, who elect their local union officers, help negotiate contracts and resolve grievances, organize other workers in UFCW represented trades, and work to improve their communities.



Local 1996 members at CapitalOur members work in a variety of industries, including retail grocery stores, meat packing houses, food processing and packaging plants, garment plants, poultry plants, healthcare and nursing home facilities, and military bases.

LOCAL 1996

Here at Local 1996 we negotiate and enforce numerous Collective Bargaining Agreements. These negotiated contracts include provisions for fair working conditions, job security, and a grievance procedure.