HMCHealthWorks is a program designed specifically with your well-being in mind. Made available to participants of the UFCW Unions and Employers Health & Welfare Fund, this program is provided to improve your health, prevent disease and improve your quality of life.

All of our members and their families can benefit from this monthly newsletter.

July is UV Safety Month.  Click Here to learn how to protect your body’s largest organ.


Summer 2018 Newsletter contains information on how to keep a healthy smile.  Take advantage of the UFCW free college tuition benefit available to members and learn how you can get a two-year Degree online!

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Kaiser Permanente CKPU Update

Recent developments within the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions (CKPU) have become such that on Monday, March 26, 2018,  we made a decision to exit the CKPU and form a new coalition.  As such, we are in the process of gathering the necessary information to develop a stable and secure new coalition with like-minded partner unions that will represent over 45,000 workers in the U.S. across nearly all regions where Kaiser Permanente has presence.

The UFCW, along with the new alliance of unions, share a firm commitment to our sister unions, as well as to the partnership with Kaiser Permanente.

All of our Local and National Agreements provisions remain in full effect.   For a more details please Click Here.

Kroger-UFCW Agreement Available Online

We always strive to communicate the value of your Union Contract to you, our members! Please click on the following links for the Kroger Agreement.  You may view and download for reference.

For the Atlanta Contract Click Here and for the Savannah Contract Click Here.

As always, please contact your Union Representative or Shop Steward should you need any assistance.

UFCW and Employers Health & Welfare Fund Email

The Atlanta Union and Employers Health & Welfare Fund office has been experiencing technical issues with their phone system.  It is currently under repair to address this problem.

To better serve YOU, our members, you may now email any question or concern you have to their customer service department at:

You will receive a response to your message within 24 to 48 hours.


OCTOBER FRONT PAGEFall 2017 Newsletter includes information on Open Enrollment for participants of the UFCW and Employers Health Fund. Learn about the UFCW free college tuition benefit available to members.

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The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the new contract between our Union, UFCW Local 1996, and the Kroger Co. is available to view and download.  .  Please click on the links below to be directed to the information you are looking for.

What’s in the MOA?

For the Atlanta, GA contract MOA  CLICK HERE.

For the Savannah, GA contract MOA  CLICK HERE.