2021 Biometric Screenings

All Kroger Associates:

If you are eligible for, and will enroll in, medical coverage through the Health and Welfare Fund for 2022, you are required to have a Biometric Screening by November 30th or you will pay a wellness program surcharge of $15 per week for your coverage in 2022.

You can schedule your screening at a Kroger Pharmacy by calling 1-877-444-9689 or go to www.krogerscreenings.com or you can find The Little Clinic near you for a screening by visiting  www.thelittleclinic.com. Please make sure to retain a copy of your results. Please make sure you call 1-877-444-9689 to contact the Kroger Pharmacy. Any other number you may have received could be inaccurate!

More information on the flyer below.

Download this flyer here.

Haga clic aquí para español.

If you are having your screening done by your provider, you can find the Biometric Screening form here.

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