A Day of Action for Racial and Economic Justice

Our economic system is broken and has always been for too many people. Working people are suffering under a crisis of systemic racism, a public health emergency and a rigged economy that only works for the very few at the top.
That’s why we are supporting protests across the country today to demand an end to structural racism and white supremacy and create an economy and democracy that works for all of us, no exceptions.
We are the very workers who have kept our country running over these past several months, even as the virus devastates communities of color.
Essential workers are putting their LIVES on the line every single day across multiple industries in this country. They are risking it all without being provided PPE, sick days or other protections, all for less than $15/hr. They report to work even as they watch co-workers get sick, terrified they’ll bring the virus home to their families, because they can’t miss a paycheck.
Working people from all backgrounds — Black and white, Latino and Asian, First Nations and immigrants — are coming together to demand justice and make this a place where all of us have our rights respected.
We all want the same things: health, safety and economic security for our families and communities. What we look like or where we live shouldn’t determine whether or not we can live healthy and whole lives. But a handful of our elected leaders are picking and choosing who will live and who will die by ignoring proven solutions to the problems we face.
Until Black people can thrive, none of our communities can thrive. We are joining together in the Strike for Black Lives to demand ACTION to create a better future for all families.
We demand ACTION from corporations and the government that dismantle racist and anti-worker policies to make sure every family is healthy, safe, and secure, no matter our race, our immigration status, our job, or where we live.

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