Tentative Agreement Reached in Kroger Atlanta & Savannah Contract Negotiations!

Today, UFCW Local 1996 and The Kroger Company reached a Tentative Agreement on the new Kroger Atlanta and Kroger Savannah contracts that are fully recommended by your Bargaining Committee.

We are happy to say that, because of the hard work of your Union Bargaining Committee, this fully recommended Tentative Agreement secures comprehensive wage increases, including significant increases to starting rates, as well as multiple pay increases throughout the life of this agreement. This agreement also protects pension benefits and ensures that our members continue to have a competitive healthcare plan.

We will be releasing the “Memorandum of Agreement”, also known as an MOA, on our website as soon as the final documents are ready. The MOA will include highlights of the changes made to contract language as well as a complete overview of all changes made. It will also include a full explanation of all wage increases and changes to the wage scale, as well as healthcare adjustments. There will also be printed copies available at Kroger stores. Your Union Representative will also be available to answer questions about the agreement.

The agreement must be ratified to go into effect. You must be a member to vote on this agreement. Voting dates, locations, and times will be posted soon – both on our website as well as in your store.

Kroger Contract Negotiations Reach a Milestone!

Your Union bargaining committee met with the Kroger company for another round of contract negotiations on May 26th, 2021. During this long and productive meeting, your Union and Kroger came to a consensus on the non-economic and contract language items raised by membership. After this meeting, we are happy to announce that we have covered all items for this part of negotiations and will now move on to economic proposals.

Economic proposals include wages, but also include other economic benefits like healthcare coverage and pension benefits. Your Union bargaining committee is committed to examining all aspects of economic proposals and understand the importance of the Union bargained healthcare coverage for our members, especially coming out of a health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next bargaining meeting is set for the week of June 7th. To get these updates delivered directly to your email, sign up here. You can submit a question about bargaining here. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

UFCW Local 1996 will be hosting a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic at our office on Thursday June 3rd from 12pm-6pm. Both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be available, with second dose appointments available to be scheduled on June 24th!

This is a FREE vaccine clinic open to all UFCW Local 1996 members and the surrounding community.

Address: 3302 McGinnis Ferry Rd Suwanee, GA 30024 – Main Lobby

Registration encouraged, but not required. Please register here.

Kroger Contract Negotiations Update

Contract negotiations continued on Tuesday May 11th and Thursday May 13th 2021. In these sessions, your Union Bargaining Committee continued to discuss proposals with the company.  These sessions continued to focus on non-economic issues around working conditions and language in the Kroger contracts for Atlanta and Savannah.

Your Union Bargaining Committee is continuing to discuss, research and assess all proposals. The Committee is dedicated to ensuring this process addresses the concerns raised by membership, and bargain a strong contract that addresses the concerns of all members.

There will be more bargaining dates before the end of May. If you have a question about the bargaining process, you can submit it here, and you can sign up using this form to get updates delivered directly to your email.

More Dates Set for Continued Bargaining!

Your Union Bargaining Committee will meet on Tuesday May 11th and Thursday May 13th to continue bargaining with the Kroger company.

During the bargaining committee meetings on May 11th and 13th, we will continue our bargaining of the Atlanta and Savannah Contracts. Your union bargaining committee is committed to engaging in a proactive process with Kroger’s negotiations team to ensure the bargaining of thorough contracts that address the items raised by our membership around wages, benefits and working conditions.

We will continue to post updates on our website. You can also have updates delivered directly to your email by signing up here. If you have any questions about the bargaining process you can submit your questions here.

Kroger Contract Negotiations Update – Bargaining Continues

Your union bargaining committee met with Kroger on Thursday, April 15th, continuing negotiations for the new contracts for Atlanta and Savannah. This bargaining session was very productive, and your bargaining committee continued to discuss many topics with the company.

In this meeting, additional proposals were exchanged around topics that affect members’ working conditions, especially as we consider the long-lasting impacts of the pandemic, and an ever-changing industry. During the meeting, the bargaining committee was able to discuss the majority of the contract language items raised by the membership.  We are committed to making sure we address the topics raised by membership and bargain a thorough contract for our members that addresses all needs of the membership.

This is one meeting in the bargaining process that will take several meetings to work through all the ideas and items that Kroger and your bargaining committee need to discuss. You can read more about the bargaining process here. The next meeting date is still being discussed.

If you have any questions about the bargaining process, please reach out to:
Eric Taylor, Director of Collective Bargaining at (678) 714-3492 or;
Maria Davenport, Retail Servicing Director at (678) 714-3538.

You can also submit a question about the process by filling out the form on this webpage. We will post regular updates on our website. You can have them delivered directly to your email by signing up here.