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UFCW Local 1996

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UFCW 1996 Main Office UFCW 1996 Legal Assistance Employers Health and Welfare Fund
3302 McGinnis Ferry Rd. Suite 201 Employers Legal Assistance Fund 1800 Phoenix Blvd., Suite 310
Suwanee, GA 30024 3302 McGinnis Ferry Rd. Ste. 101 Atlanta, GA 30349
Phone 678-714-3500 local Suwanee, GA 30024 Phone 770-997-9910
Phone 1-800-428-2972 Toll Free Phone 678-714-3526 local Phone 1-800-241-2136 Outside Atlanta
  Phone 1-800-282-8740 Toll Free in GA.
  Outside Georgia, Call Collect
Outside Georgia Group Vision Services (GVS) All Hospitalization & Surgical Procedures don't forget to call BlueCross BlueShield.
1-800-241-3473 1-866-265-4626 1-800-628-3988
  Meat Cutters Pension - Chicago
Name Email Title
Steve Lomax Questions or Comments President
Leon Holderfield Questions or Comments Secretary-Treasurer
Rob Lawson Director of Services
Rick Brown Exec Asst to President
Mary Lou Romaine-Waymer Rep/Political Affairs
Eric Taylor Director of Poultry & Packing
Eric Lomax Organizing Director
Sherry Tallent Book Keeper
Charlene Shifflett Exec Asst To President
Frances Monteiro Contract Specialist
Tracie Simpson Administrative Assistant
Sibyl Porter Dues Administrator
Nikki Lawton Dues Administrator
Radu Borzea Network Administrator
Billy Dramble Union Representative
Gaynell Caldwell Union Representative
Greg Charron Union Representative
Greg Slead Union Representative
Jeff Hunter Union Representative
Jim Steele Union Representative
Jennifer Hughes Union Representative
Karen Harper Union Representative
Louise Dempsey Union Representative
Maria Davenport Union Representative
Marry Ann Dobson Union Representative
Maryluz Ortiz Union Representative
Mitch Hardin Union Representative
Ralph Porras Union Representative
Ricky Wilson Union Representative
Shcora Dawson Union Representative
Stan Hayes Union Representative
Stewart Roberts Union Representative

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UFCW Local 1996
3302 McGinnis Ferry Rd. Suite 201
Suwanee, GA 30024

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