Kaiser Permanente Agrees to Extend COVID Leave & Childcare Grant

The strength of our Alliance partnership continues to benefit our members. Kaiser Permanente has agreed to extend the COVID childcare grant in all regions through June 5. As schools and day care centers reopen, if an employee’s children are enrolled in full-time care or school, they will not be eligible. However, if the child’s school or day care center is only partially reopened the employee will remain eligible. For example, if school is only 3 days a week, the employee will remain eligible. In another example, if school is 5 days a week but only 4 hours each day, the employee would remain eligible. The same program terms apply as previously.  You can read more about the childcare grant here.

Also, the COVID leave benefit is extended through June 5, with the same terms and eligibility as currently in effect. KP indicated their intention is to end the benefit effective June 5, but agreed to reevaluate pandemic conditions as we get closer to June 5. You can read more about the leave extension here.

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