Kroger Contract Negotiations Update – First Bargaining Meeting

UFCW Local 1996 will be meeting with the Kroger Company to begin discussions on the Kroger Atlanta and Savannah contracts on Thursday April 8th, 2021!

At this meeting, your union bargaining committee will hear updates from Kroger on the state of the industry and discuss ideas and thoughts presented by the membership for the new contracts.

We are excited to begin this process and remain focused on bargaining a thorough contract that addresses the needs of members under the Atlanta and Savannah Contracts.

Many items come up for discussion during contract negotiations. Remember that while an item may be up for discussion, any changes or updates will not be official until they are agreed to by both the union and the company and ratified by the membership.

During this process, we will vigilantly work to ensure a thorough and comprehensive bargaining process, addressing all topics important to our membership like wages, healthcare benefits and working conditions.

Both our Atlanta and Savannah contracts are currently under an extension, and the terms of those contracts will remain in place until new contracts are bargained.

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