Kroger Contract Negotiations Update – Bargaining Continues

Your union bargaining committee met with Kroger on Thursday, April 15th, continuing negotiations for the new contracts for Atlanta and Savannah. This bargaining session was very productive, and your bargaining committee continued to discuss many topics with the company.

In this meeting, additional proposals were exchanged around topics that affect members’ working conditions, especially as we consider the long-lasting impacts of the pandemic, and an ever-changing industry. During the meeting, the bargaining committee was able to discuss the majority of the contract language items raised by the membership.  We are committed to making sure we address the topics raised by membership and bargain a thorough contract for our members that addresses all needs of the membership.

This is one meeting in the bargaining process that will take several meetings to work through all the ideas and items that Kroger and your bargaining committee need to discuss. You can read more about the bargaining process here. The next meeting date is still being discussed.

If you have any questions about the bargaining process, please reach out to:
Eric Taylor, Director of Collective Bargaining at (678) 714-3492 or;
Maria Davenport, Retail Servicing Director at (678) 714-3538.

You can also submit a question about the process by filling out the form on this webpage. We will post regular updates on our website. You can have them delivered directly to your email by signing up here.

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