Kroger Holiday Associate Appreciation

Kroger announced that they will be offering all associates the following holiday appreciation:

    • All hourly, frontline associates active as of Nov. 6, 2021 will receive a $100 Thank You Credit on their loyalty card. This credit will apply to hourly associates in our stores.
    • The credit is not taxable, which allows associates to take advantage of the full $100.
    • Additionally, all associates – regardless of role – active as of Nov. 6, 2021 will receive 1,000 fuel points.
    • Both offers will be applied on Nov. 19.
    • For those associates who do not have a loyalty card, every effort will be made to provide them with a loyalty card and load the $100 once the card is linked to our system. In extreme cases, a $100 gift card will be provided instead.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Union Representative.

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