On Overview Of Contract Negotiations.

Contract Negotiations are underway between Kroger and UFCW Local 1996 for the Atlanta and Savannah Collective Bargaining Agreements  2021.

What is a contract?
A contract is simply the rules and conditions of your employment. Everything from wages to safety to work hours is negotiated between your Union and the Company.

Why do we negotiate contracts every 3-4 years?
Because they need to be updated! Whether it’s pay changes or adjusting the language in the contract to deal with changing work environments or laws, contracts need to be revisited and updated regularly.

How does this process work exactly?
First, Your Bargaining Committee is Formed.
Negotiations are all about the Union advocating for its members and making sure the concerns of its members are heard at the bargaining table. In November 2020, there was a meeting to elect your Bargaining Committee. This is a group of your peers, Union members, who work at Kroger and represent most departments, and every area represented by the Atlanta and Savannah Collective Bargaining Agreements! During the November meetings where your bargaining committee was selected, members from across the state also submitted proposals to be discussed in contract negotiations.

Then, The Union and The Company meet:
During these meetings, the Union and the Company swap proposals. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this will likely be done using videoconferencing so the entire Bargaining Committee can participate.

The Union and the Company negotiate economic proposals (things like wages and healthcare benefits) and things that are not economic (like working conditions). The Union will inform the membership about upcoming meetings, but we cannot promise what the company will agree to. We will not be able to give specific updates because of this. Negotiations are a work in progress , so we cannot release any information on proposals until we have reached a “Tentative Agreement”.

When the Union and the Company Agree, We Have a “Tentative Agreement”
This agreement is “tentative” because the final decision comes from you, the members of UFCW Local 1996. You will have a chance to review the tentative agreement on our website and at your store. Only members of the Union will have the opportunity to vote on the tentative agreement,  once it is reached.

The Final Step: Contract Ratification
If the members vote to approve the contract, it will be ratified. Please note that only members of UFCW Local 1996 can vote on this contract. Remember, our goal is to have a contract that reflects the priorities of UFCW Local 1996’s members and their needs. Please reach out to us if you have questions about contract negotiations! Only trust information from official sources for negotiation updates.