What to Know About Elections & Voting During Union Organizing

Before the Election

Prior to any election conducted by the NLRB, a Notice of Election issued by the NLRB will be posted at your workplace to inform you of:

  • The date, hours, and location of the election
  • The payroll period for voter eligibility
  • A description of the voting unit of employees
  • General rules as to conduct of elections

There is a sample ballot on the Notice of Election which, except for color, is a reproduction of the ballot you will receive when you vote.

You should read the Notice of Election so that you will be familiar with the ballot.

The Voting Place

The voting place will be a table, a voting booth, and a ballot box. At the table, there will be observers for the union and the employer as well as a representative of the NLRB, each of whom will be wearing an official badge. The observers’ badges will have “Observer” on them. The NLRB representative will wear an “Agent” badge.

The agent oversees the election. If you have questions, speak only with the agent.

The Voting Procedure

Step 1: Go to the voting table, standing in line if necessary.

Step 2: Give your name, and clock number if you have one, to the observers. The observers will find your name on the voting list and tell the agent your name has been found. If any questions are asked, speak only with the agent. Do not speak with the observers.

Step 3: After your name has been checked off, go to the agent to obtain your ballot.

Step 4: Go into the vacant voting booth. Mark your selection on the ballot with one X only. Do not sign the ballot. Fold the ballot to hide the mark and leave the voting booth, taking your ballot with you.

Step 5: Put your ballot in the ballot box yourself. Do not let anyone else touch it.

Step 6: Leave the polling place.

You will notice that only the agent handled the blank ballots and only you handled your marked ballot.

Once your marked ballot is in the ballot box, it becomes mixed with all other ballots in the box and cannot be identified.

No one can determine how you have voted!

For More Information

The National Labor Relations Board (Georgia) can be reached at (404) 331-2896 or http://www.nlrb.gov for information about union elections.