Things Management Can Not Do

Supervisors or Management Officials  CANNOT:


Attend any union meeting, park across the street or engage in any undercover activity to determine who is participating in the union:

Tell employees that the company will fire or punish them if they engage in union activity:

Lay off, discharge, discipline any employee for union activity;

Grant employees wage increases, special concessions or benefits in order to keep the union out;

Bar employees from soliciting employees on or off the company property during non-working hours, this includes lunch & break;

Ask employees about union matters, meetings etc;

Ask employees what they think about the union;

Ask employees how they intend to vote;

Threaten employees with reprisal for participating in union activities;

Promise benefits to employees if they reject the union;

Announce that the company will not deal with the union;

Threaten to close, in fact close, or move the home in order to avoid dealing with the union;

Ask employees if they have signed a card for the union;

Ask an employee, during the hiring interview, about the union or how s/he feels about unions;

Make distinctions between union and non-union employees when assigning overtime work or desirable work;

Choose employees to be laid off in order to weaken the union’s strength;

Discriminate against union people when disciplining employees;

Fail to grant a scheduled benefit or wage increase because of union activity;

Deviate from company policy for the purpose of getting rid of a union supporter;

Take action that adversely affects an employee’s job or pay rate because of union activity;

Threaten workers or coerce them in an attempt to influence their vote;

Threaten a worker through a third party;

Promise employees a reward or future benefit if they decide “No Union”;

Tell employees overtime work will be discontinued if the plant is unionized;

Say unionization will force the company to layoff employees;

Say unionization will do away benefits and privileges presently in effect;

Promise employees promotions, raises or other benefits if they vote no;

Urge employees to try to induce others to oppose the union or keep it out;


Any of the above acts constitutes a violation of the law, which protects your right to organize a Union!

Please report these acts, if committed, to the Local Union Office immediately! 1-800-428-2972 ext 3514