Strike Authorization Approved At Kaiser Permanente.

The Kaiser Permanente strike authorization results are in – and a strike authorization was approved by 96%, which means the strike authorization overwhelmingly passed!

What does this mean:
This means the membership has authorized the union to call for a strike during the bargaining process, which is still ongoing, if Kaiser Permanente will not come to the table and bargain in good faith for the contract our members deserve!

What does this not mean:
This does not mean we are going on strike right now. No one wants to call for strike and have workers walk off the job, we only use this very powerful tool if it is necessary. We will let union members know if a strike is called for. If you know any other union members who are not receiving these emails, please send them this link so we can keep them up to date (after confirming their membership).

What would a strike look like – if the union does call for one?
A strike means no one covered by the union contract with Kaiser Permanente goes to work during the strike. If individuals report to work, referred to as “crossing the picket line”, it means that the strike loses its power. This includes those who work in facilities and those who work from home, neither should report to work. The most powerful tool we have as workers is the ability to withhold our labor. A strike is the ultimate example of this – everyone in solidarity together.

You can read our press release about the strike authorization vote here.

The facts about a strike in a right-to-work state like Georgia are:

1.   Strikes are allowed in Georgia and you cannot be retaliated against for going on strike. You can read an example about another union with members in Georgia and other states, the Bakers & Confectioners Union (BCTGM), going on strike earlier this year, in this article.

2.    You will not be paid while on strike. While back pay can be negotiated, it is not always guaranteed.

If you have any questions, please let your Union Representative know!

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