My Pensions

Retirement planning is an essential part of our work-life. Our Union represents a wide array of industries ranging from retail stores, packing & processing food plants, nursing homes, CDL truck drivers, barbers, and workers in the healthcare field.

Because of our diversity, many of our members may be covered under different retirement funds.

You may have retirement administered by either our UFCW International Industry Pension Fund, also known as the Meat Cutters’ Pension Fund, located in Chicago Illinois. or you may have the the Consolidated Pension Fund, also known as the Retail Clerks’ Fund located in Atlanta, GA. Perhaps you may have an employer administered 401k Retirement Plan benefit as part of your Union Contract.

Please be sure to contact the correct Fund Office at least six months prior to your projected retirement date to avoid delays in your Pension Payments. Please note that members at our retail locations may be covered by either our Retail Clerks’ or Meat Cutters’ Fund.

Benefited Kaiser Permanente members are covered by the KP Pension.

Members at the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plantsĀ  in Athens or Elberton, Georgia, and members at the House of Raeford poultry plantsĀ  in Greenville or Columbia, South Carolina, you are covered by the Meat Cutters’ Fund in Chicago, Illinois.

Many of our other members have a 401k plans. Please be sure to contact your Union Representative to learn more about which Pension Fund or 401k plan you have.

There are other employers who may not be listed above. Please be sure to contact your Union Representatives for further assistance.