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If your place of work is not covered by a union contract, you have no guarantee that the employer will comply with all the rights and protections provided you under federal and state laws. What if your overtime pay was calculated improperly? What if you were unfairly discriminated against? In these cases it is up to you to represent yourself.

Workers with a union, on the other hand, have a contract, an on-site representative, and an organization standing beside them. They also have much more than the minimum guarantees of federal and state laws; they have better wages, better pensions, better insurance, and a way of correcting inappropriate management actions. They have guaranteed rights and guaranteed representation. They have a written contract.

Open the Door to a Better Tomorrow

Make Your Voice Heard

Becoming a Union Member is the best way you can improve your life and your family's future. Unions are workers helping workers to:

  • Improve wages, benefits, and working conditions;
  • Have an independent voice at work; and
  • Be treated with dignity and respect.

Union members earn substantially more than comparable nonunion workers. The small amount you pay in dues brings large rewards not just in your paycheck but also in your benefits and working conditions.

A Union Contract Makes Your Life Better

The UFCW strongly believes that workers should have a voice in their jobs. The only way to have a true voice in your workplace is to have a union contract. Unions negotiate for:

  • Wage increases;
  • Safe conditions on the job;
  • Employer-paid health insurance including vision, dental, and prescription drugs;
  • Reasonable line speeds and workload requirements;
  • Job security and seniority rights;
  • Pensions;
  • Paid holidays and vacations;
  • Opportunities for advancement; and
  • Protection from unfair treatment and favoritism by the boss.




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